Our lab aims to examine learning process as a sociocultural and political phenomenon focusing on learners’ engagement and interactions in STEM learning environments mediated by technologies and digital media. We study learning processes across multiple educational contexts focusing on micro-moments of interactions and their intersection with broader social, cultural, and historical structures.  Through collaborative design research, we aim to support learners and educators’ engagement with critical and ethical perspectives of science and technology. The lab performs interdisciplinary research in STEM education that connects sociocultural learning theories, design of learning environments, interaction analysis, educational equity, and learning in a digital era.

Our lab is recruiting!
We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow, excellent graduate students, and research assistants who are interested in studying and designing learning environments with an emphasis on justice orientations in education.

For details on studying at Technion’s Faculty of Education in Science and Technology, check the faculty website.
Please contact Dr. Areej Mawasi for more details about the Co-Design and Interactive Learning Lab (areej.mawasi at technion.ac.il) or send us an email through (codilab at ed.technion.ac.il)